At each Blind Tasting League gathering, using the techniques of the masters, you will learn how to identify the grape, country of origin and more and more as we progress through the wide world of wine. You can pick and choose the classes but the more you come, the more you learn!

March Blind Tasting Results

March Blind Tasting Results

The Wine: Thevenet & Fils Mâcon Pierreclos, Burgundy, France, 2019

What we Tasted: Pineapple, Lemongrass, Apple, melon, Cantaloupe, Pears, Citrus, Lemon Peel, Minerals, Vanilla, Chalk

What we Guessed: French Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley Chenin Blanc, Italian Pinot Grigio

What Andy Guessed: Andy guessed “Cool-climate California Chardonnay.” Well, at least Burgundy is a cool climate and he got the grape right.

What we Thought: This one was a big hit with our tasters! After repeated comments like “I like this a lot!” I finally asked for a show of hands and everyone signaled that they enjoyed this wine!


The Wine: Araucano Reserva Carmenere, Colchagua Valley, Chile, 2019

What we Tasted: Leather, “a rubbery smell,” red currant, “Jalapeño Skin,” black cherry, “very earthy,” Tobacco, Mint, truffle, Oregano, “Taco Bell Hot Sauce,” Bacon, “Under-ripe strawberries,” “Fire-roasted hatch green chiles”

What we Guessed: Northern Italian Nebbiolo, Tempranillo, California Syrah.

What Andy Guessed: Andy accidentally saw the wine listed on a receipt. Bummer!

What we Thought: Most of our tasters enjoyed this wine, one taster not so much

February Blind Tasting Results


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