At each Blind Tasting League gathering, using the techniques of the masters, you will learn how to identify the grape, country of origin and more and more as we progress through the wide world of wine. You can pick and choose the classes but the more you come, the more you learn!

December 2020 Blind Tasting League Results

December 2020 Blind Tasting League Results

The Wine: Neboa Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain, 2018

What we Tasted: Peach, apple, pineapple, “buttery,” honey, “chalky,” “woody,” “a little lemony”

What we Guessed: California Sauvignon Blanc, French Pinot Gris, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

What Andy Guessed: Andy guessed French Viognier. At least they are both Old-World, aromatic whites!

What we Thought: I think we mostly liked this Albarino, although one taster said it was “too heavy” and another said it was “not crisp enough.” I enjoy light bodied, high acid whites as well!

The Wine: “Three” Zinfandel, Contra Costa County, California, 2018

What we Tasted: Blackberry, prunes, “plums & sunscreen,” black cherry, “muggy earth,” smoke, “fruit cake spice,” vanilla, coffee, “basement,” chocolate, “a bookstore”

What we Guessed: Argentine Malbec, California Zinfandel, Australian Shiraz

What Andy Guessed: Argentine Malbec. Not Andy’s best blind tasting day.

What we Thought: I think we mostly enjoyed this beefy Zin, although one taster said that the “alcohol content reminds me of college parties.” It was pretty boozy!

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