Wines We Pour


1. Bayten Sauvignon Blanc, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, 2016

2. Raats Unwooded Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2016

3. Raisins Gaulois Gamay, beaujolais, France, 2016

4. Macedon Pinot Noir, Macedonia, 2014


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Best Descriptors

"Week-Old Butter"

"Burnt Sugar"

"Citronella Candle"


"Dried Pineapple"


"Musky, funky Berries"

"Old Feet"

"Sour Hi-C Fruit Punch"

"Sun Dried Tomato"


Question of the Day
Todays Question

what grape am i?

- I am medium weight with flavors of sour cherry, sun baked earth and dried orange peel

-I am sometimes described as having flavors of "barnyard"

-Don't call me Chianti!

-I'm named after Zeus!