Wines We Pour

1. French Broad Brewing Gateway Kolsch

While known for their lagers, German brewers also produce terrific ales. French Broad's Kölsch is faithful to the great German ales found in Köln. Golden in color, with a refreshing crispness, pleasantly sweet malt finish, and distinctive German hopping.

2. Catawba Brewing Hooligan Scotch Ale

This robust, mahogany hued ale is brewed in the classic Scottish "wee heavy" style featuring a profound maltiness and a restrained hop character. Six different brewing grains layer on caramel and toffee sweetness, but the beer seems magically balanced when it reaches your palate. Use caution, though. This Hooligan will blow your bagpipes!

3. Pisgah Brewing Cosmos Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Pisgah's tribute to the Belgian tradition and our home-brewing roots, this recipe comes directly out of Dave's old homebrewing notebook. We combine the rich flavor of a Baltic porter with the subtleness of a special Belgian yeast strain, imagine bananas dipped in dark chocolate liquified in your beer glass. Honor tradition, Respect beer.

4. Deep River Brewing Backcountry Black IPA

Deep River Brewing Company's Backcountry Black IPA is an Imperial Pale Ale that is hopped up with 5 unique hop varieties that blends nicely with its slightly roasty malt backbone. 7.9% ABV

Best Descriptors

"Tastes like a tourist game!"

"I taste Sugar SMacks!"

"Smells like Morrissey and 1994"



Question of the Day
Todays Question

what grape am i?

-I am a dark blue colored grape

-I am used as a blending grape, but i am great all by myself

-you had me at bordeaux

-i am one of the most popular grapes, It was said that one year there were 260,000 hectares (640,000 acres) of me planted globally!

-i am an offspring of cabernet franc

-i am high in alcohol and low in acidity

-when you taste me, some things you will find are blueberry, cocoa, black pepper, mint, and blackberry


i just put andy to the test...he was wrong!! see if you can guess which grape i am! answer revealed at the next blind tasting league!