Wines We Pour


1.  Romanin Macon Villages CHardonnay, Burgundy, France, 2013

2. Valckenburg Gewurztraminer, Pfalz, Germany, 2014

3. Rickshaw Pinot Noir, California, 2014

4. Shooting Star Zinfandel, mendocino County, California, 2012

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Best Descriptors

 "Toasted Marshmallow"

"Rotten Pineapple"


"Funky Fungal"


"Unripe Peach"

"Dial Soap"


"Musky, melony honey"

"Wet Leaves"

"Birch Bark"



"Vicks VapoRub"

"Strawberry Jelly"

"Pine Oil"

"Wet Cardboard"

Question of the Day
Todays Question

what grape am i?

-I am a thin skin red grape that makes light bodied wines.

-I am from Burgundy, but I don't get as much press as the more famous Burgundy grapes.

-Most people know my name, but they associate me with light pink, bubblegum tasting wine that comes out every year around Thanksgiving.

-My wines are crisp and clean, light and fresh, with flavors of cranberry, spice, tart raspberry and underripe strawberry