Wines We Pour

1. Carmine Granata Semillon 2013

Wine Maker's Notes: This wine has a yellow color with touches of green and golden reflections. It has a delicate floral and fruited aroma with flavors of fresh fruits. Refreshing and with a good structure, it is ideal for poultry, pasta, fish, seafood and desserts.

2. Yellow + Blue Chardonnay 2011

Wine Maker's Notes:
Golden Yellow-Green.
Robust aromas of mineral, apple and lime.
Full yet elegant, with a fine acidity and a lingering, complex finish.
Just in between the San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lodi is a region fast becoming one of California's true wine stars. Lodi Wine Country, with its classic Mediterranean climate, yields wines that are balanced and full bodied.
While many wine families have been in Lodi for decades, over the last few years, a group of young and dedicated vignerons have sparked a remarkable transition in the region. This quality revolution has catapulted Lodi in to the forefront of the world's wine-growing regions.

3. Los Dos Grenache + Syrah Blend 2013

The soft berry flavors of old-vine Grenache (85%) meets the depth and complexity of Syrah (15%) in this full and friendly wine from the Campo de Borja DO in Northeastern Spain. Located between the Sierra de Moncayo mountain range and the Ebro River valley, this historic region has produced wine since the late 12th century. The continental climate is mitigated by the "Cierzo" wind that cools the vineyards nightly. Los Dos's round, fruit-forward palate of cherries and blackberries carries through to a refined, lengthy finish. Los Dos pairs perfectly with casual fare, such as pizza, hamburgers, and ribs.

4. Montes Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Located in the heart of the Colchagua Valley are some of the best winemaking areas in Chile. We aim to produce the highest quality wines which subtly marry rich fruit flavors with French oak, aged for six months. This wine has intense ruby red color and the nose is packed with layers of caramel, cinnamon, candy and hints of mint, with a prevalence of fruit over the French oak. This spicy, full flavored wine, with good body, fruit and firm tannins has an engaging and long finish. Also recommended for mid term cellaring.

Best Descriptors

"Smells like Asheville just before it snows"

"It wears its acid well.  You know, like in the 80's!"

"I smell Creamcicle"

"Smells like church"

"Tastes like a Dark European Valley"



Question of the Day
Todays Question

what grape am i?

-I am a dark blue colored grape

-I am used as a blending grape, but i am great all by myself

-you had me at bordeaux

-i am one of the most popular grapes, It was said that one year there were 260,000 hectares (640,000 acres) of me planted globally!

-i am an offspring of cabernet franc

-i am high in alcohol and low in acidity

-when you taste me, some things you will find are blueberry, cocoa, black pepper, mint, and blackberry


i just put andy to the test...he was wrong!! see if you can guess which grape i am! answer revealed at the next blind tasting league!