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Lima Vinho Verde 2013

Perfect with Pulpo a la Gallega. Let's come back to that. Moving on..
From the Paco de Cardiddo Vineyard, this wine is dry. Yes, dry. This crisp and fruity wine is 100% Loureiro, a Vinho Verde wine from Portuagal. Loureiro means "laurel" referring to the bay leaf scent that marks the grape. Loureiro, a light skinned grape with excellent acidity, is becoming the popular choice for Vinho Verde wines but historically Trajadura and Pederna were the go to grapes.
From Loureiro grapes grown in rocky composition soil, LIMA is light and floral with high mineral acidity. Pale lemon yellow in color, you will find lemongrass and Mediterranean herbs (Metro Wines Tasting Panel loves that!) on the nose. Citrus fruit with a splash of white tea and minerality is on the palate and the feel is full working down to a long and refreshing finish.
The winery suggest that this wine pairs perfectly with Pulpo a la Gallegas, a dish made with octopus. Eric Ripert has a good recipe via youtube if you just happen to have an octopus that you have not put to good use. But should your kitchen be one octopus short, LIMA is great with all the usual suspects: crustaceans, fish, chicken, salad, Asian Spring Rolls, and a perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

Tuscan Sun Pensiero Pinot Grigio

A little gift
The lovely musical-chair rhythm of giving and giving leaves no one standing alone.
Pensiero—a basket of figs, a melon warm from the garden, an armful of pink hydrangeas, a carved walking stick, a jar of wild cherries. Tuscans always arrive with a little gift, perhaps a bottle of sunny wine, which is what the angels sip when they fly over Italy.
Vinification: The vineyards around the towns of Cortina, Margè, and Salorno, famous for their fresh and fruity Pinot Gris wines, form one of Alto Adiges oldest white wine production areas. Pinot Grigio is mainly produced on the traditional Pergola system where the grapes form in excessive sunlight exposure. The grapes are pressed softly, clarified through natural gravity settling of the sediments and finally fermented separately in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures to retain the classic aromatic qualities. Prior to bottling, the wine is aged for 5 month on the fine lees in the tank. 2012 Italian White Wine 100% Pinot Grigio Alc. 12.5% vol.
Tasting Notes: Light green lustres run through the radiant straw-yellow color of this wine, whose aroma is rich in fruits, the most striking of which are pears and apples. An excellent balance gives this wine strength and structure. It is dry and smooth on the palate with a pleasant, mineral aftertaste.
Serving Suggestions: Pensiero goes well with many dishes, especially lighter foods, fried mushrooms and fresh water fish.
Bronze medal - 2013 Denver International Wine Competition
Bronze medal - 2013 International Wine Channel TV Awards

Tuscan Sun Tondo Tondo Sangiovese

Italian wine and food seem like a birthright: you can taste your whole life.
Tondo Tondo, I've thought many times, as I pushed back my chair from the table. A Tuscan feast centers on the ancient triumvirate: the vine, the olive tree, and wheat. Maybe that's why it feels so deeply connected to the earth. Tondo tondo, a dialect expression, signifies Just Perfect, what you say over and over.
Vinification: Aged in vats of stainless steel with fermentation temperature control system 28-30'C. Maceration period is 12-15 days, with four daily pumpings and manual punching to increase the release of substances from the skins. In the final stage maceration, the vats are filled, and malolactic is perfectly performed. 2011 Italian Red Wine 100% Sangiovese Alc. 13.5% vol.
Tasting Notes: The color is bright red, with a broad, intense and fruity nose. On the palate Tondo Tondo has hints of ripe red berry, cherry and floral tones that are slightly herbaceous. It is harmonious and well balanced, with a distinctly Tuscan taste - a wonderful wine for sharing!
Serving Suggestions: Pecorino cheese, ham, roasts, game, grilled meat, beans, soups.
Gold medal - 2013 Denver International Wine Competition

Glory Days Zinfandel 2011

From the label:
After World War II, a young man immigrated to America looking for the American dream. Settling in the fertile Lodi Appelation, he planted his first vineyard 55 years ago. Today this Zinfandel vineyard produces a wine with red fruit characteristics of raspberry and cherry. Bring this Zinfandel full of soft supple tannins to your next barbecue and share the story of your American dream with your family and friends.


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